David P. Boder Interviews Boleslaw Czolopicki; July 30, 1946; Paris, France

David Boder interviewed Boleslaw Czolopicki in Paris on July 30, 1946. The location of the interview is not noted. Mr. Czolopicki identified himself as a single man and a Polish refugee who had been deported from Warsaw. There is a possibility, although not indicated in the interview, that he was a Jew who continued to live under an assumed name. Mr. Czolopicki was deported to Germany along with thousands of other Poles after the failed Polish uprising against the Germans in the summer and early fall of 1944. Sent to the Rhineland under inhuman conditions, he was a forced laborer until he was liberated by American troops in March, 1945. He then came to Paris working for the Americans in an unstated capacity. At the time of the interview, he was studying radio with the hope of one day immigrating to the United States. Mr. Czolopicki's wartime experiences illustrate the suffering of forced laborers and the dislocation experienced by countless Europeans as a result of the war.

—Elliot Lefkovitz