Polia Bisenhaus

  • Recording Date: July 29, 1946
  • Duration: 25:37
  • Spools: 9-3B
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Languages: Yiddish, German

Biographical Information

  • Name: Polia Bisenhaus
  • Birthplace: StaszÃw, Poland
  • Gender: female
  • Nationality: Poland
  • Location At Time Of German Invasion: unknown
  • Interned At: Kielce Ghetto, Częstochowa, Bergen-Belsen, Burgau, Türkheim, Dachau
  • Location At Time Of Liberation: Dachau, Germany
  • Liberated By: United States


 Polia Bisenhaus was born in the southeastern Polish town of Staszów in the Kielce district. Staszów had a prewar Jewish population of approximately 5,000, fully half of the total population. On September 7-8, 1939, one week after the outbreak of World War II, the Germans arrived in Staszów. They ... Read full commentary »