Ephraim Gutman

  • Recording Date: September 12, 1946
  • Duration: 54:55
  • Spools: 9-124, 9-125A
  • Location: Hénonville, France
  • Languages: German, Yiddish

Biographical Information

  • Name: Ephraim Gutman
  • Birthplace: unknown
  • Gender: male
  • Nationality: Ukraine
  • Location At Time Of German Invasion: Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Interned At: Kaunas Ghetto


 Lithuanian Jewry, like its counterpart in eastern Poland, encountered the Germans for the first time in June 1941. The principal difference was that Lithuanian nationalists, embittered by Soviet rule in 1940 and 1941, viewed the Germans as a lesser evil and the Jews as supportive of Communism. Ephraim Gutman had been born in 1917 ... Read full commentary »