Adam Krakowski

  • Recording Date: July 30, 1946
  • Duration: 35:32
  • Spools: 9-5
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Languages: German

Biographical Information

  • Name: Adam Krakowski
  • Birthplace: LÃdź, Poland
  • Gender: male
  • Nationality: Poland
  • Location At Time Of German Invasion: unknown
  • Interned At: Roznów, Budzyń, Rzeszów, Plaszow, Wieliczka, Flossenbürg, Colmar, Sachsenhausen, Braunschweig, Ravensbrück
  • Location At Time Of Liberation: Mecklenburg region, Germany
  • Liberation Date: May 1, 1945
  • Liberated By: United States


 Adam Krakowski was born in 1925 in the city of Łódź, Poland. Łódź was at that time the center of the Polish textile industry, and Krawkowski's father worked in a textiles stores. He and the remainder of Krakowski's immediate family—his mother, brother and sister—perished in the Belzec extermination camp. ... Read full commentary »