Helena Neufeld

  • Recording Date: August 3, 1946
  • Duration: 30:58
  • Spools: 9-20
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Languages: Polish, Russian

Biographical Information

  • Name: Helena Neufeld
  • Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland
  • Gender: female
  • Nationality: Poland
  • Location At Time Of German Invasion: unknown
  • Interned At: L'viv Ghetto, Warsaw Ghetto, Bergen-Belsen
  • Location At Time Of Liberation: Falkenberg, Germany
  • Liberated By: Russia


 David Boder interviewed Helena Neufeld at an adult home for Jews in Paris on August 3, 1946. Mrs. Neufeld was survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, the notorious Pawiak prison of Warsaw and the infamous Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany. Like a number of other survivors, she owed her survival to determination, ... Read full commentary »