Julian Weinberg

  • Recording Date: August 17, 1946
  • Duration: 39:49
  • Spools: 9-49
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Languages: German

Biographical Information

  • Name: Julian Weinberg
  • Birthplace: LÃdź, Poland
  • Gender: male
  • Nationality: Poland
  • Location At Time Of German Invasion: unknown
  • Interned At: Lódź Ghetto
  • Location At Time Of Liberation: unknown
  • Liberation Date: January 19, 1945
  • Liberated By: Russia


 Julian Weinberg, forty-nine years old at the time of the German conquest of Poland in 1939, was managing director of the electric power plant in Łódź, a post he resumed after liberation in 1944. Evidently he was visiting Paris at the time of his interview and planned to return to Poland. For ... Read full commentary »